Spanish tower manufacturer enters offshore

Having moved into production of offshore towers, Tower manufacturer GRI Renewable Industries has recently set up a new €40 million manufacturing plant located at Sevilla Harbour, which took seven months to build and uses machinery provided by Finnish global welding and production automation provider Pemamek.

Among its assets are seven extra heavy duty column and booms, a double head-welding platform, 32 roller beds ten metres in diameter and capable of supporting 350 tonnes, four assembly lines, a plate-joining station and milling machines for longitudinal and circular joints.

Wanting to create a network of highly qualified suppliers, GRI is also seeking a business partner to provide “production machinery” for its factory in the southwestern Spanish city

According to GRI, Up to 400 members of staff will be employed at the factory.

Juan Jose Porras Borrego, CEO of GRI’s Seville plant, said: “Production is going well with low welding rejection rates and with a spectacular learning curve in terms of processing hours, which is great for a start-up factory.”

To date, GRI has only built towers for onshore turbines at its factories in Spain, Turkey, India, the US, China and South Africa.