We attach great importance to quality, and evidence of this is the fact that we are certified under ISO 9001 and 14001.

ISO 9001


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ISO 14001


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ISO 9001


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Our Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Policy

Scope of the IMS (Integrated Management System)

Design, manufacturing, assembly and marketing of products and components for wind turbines, automotive, marine industries, composite materials and other articles related to the previous activities.

InCom headquarters are located in Spain, and its production plants are located in UK, Poland, Morocco and China.


The main target is to set up in the whole Group the Zero Defect & First Time Going Well culture as well as to fully achieve Customer Satisfaction.

InCom Group main principles:

  • Compliance with customers commitments and internal and external standard regulations.
  • Implement processes, specifications and procedures to achieve Customer Satisfaction.
  • Full process standardization all over Incom plants.
  • Setting targets and programs focused on company performance evaluation to ensure their compliance.
  • Increase efficiency of our processes, reducing risk and cost of poor quality across the value stream.
  • Achieving best in class technical solutions.
  • Continuous improvement in the work environment.

Health & Safety

The main target is to reach zero accidents and we are working to improve the employee’s security.

InCom Group recognizes the importance to improve working conditions to improve on productivity, and health and the working environment, such commitment is based on the implementation and continuous improvement of its management system of occupational risk prevention based on the regulatory requirements for one purpose: to be a socially responsible on health and safety matters at work organization.

InCom Group main principles:

  • Seek the welfare of all employees.
  • Manage in each of the areas of the company, the risks associated with their activity.
  • Implementation a management system that allows the identification and prevention of risks.
  • Providing workers with effective health and safety work protection, controlling the risks associated with each task in the organization, enabling a good development.
  • Include all risks arising from new technologies, ways to work organization and new scientific developments in this area.

To Collaborate with suppliers and contractors, ensuring compliance with the applicable regulations for the prevention of occupational hazards.


Incom Group as a responsible wind industry member is aware that the activities developed in all its work centers must be carry out within environmental framework and standard regulations.

To demonstrate commitment to preventing pollution and protecting the environment in every each of our processes.

To inform and collaborate with Public Authorities in crisis and emergency situations, and express our permanent willingness to cooperate with them.

To achieve or exceed our environmental standards by engaging employees, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders.

These values constitute the framework which established Incom group objectives and targets for its Integrated Management System.

Compliance with the legislation and regulations in force and applicable to our activities, as well as, with the requirements derived from the Management System implemented.

Compliance with the requirements established in Standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001, through the implementation of a Management System and committing to the principle of continuous improvement of its effectiveness

“Act always so that your behavior could serve as a universal law principle”

Immanuel Kant