Products & Services

InCom delivers a wide range of products and services in the form of composite kits, engineering, moulding pieces and global logistics.

InCom makes use of CNC cutting, machining technology and stitching to convert all kinds of composites (PVC, PET, PUR, BALSA, GLASS, CARBON, POLYESTER) into assembled kits that not only MAKES EASIER your layup processes, but also HELP you IMPROVE production performance.

Our engineering team manage projects, and develops new manufacturing strategies, material requirements, work instructions and factory settings for the sectors of renewable energies, aeronautical, naval and automotive industries.

CNC cutting and machining technology to convert all kinds of composites cores (PVC, PET, PUR, Balsa..) in assembled kits that MAKES EASIER your layup processes.

Custom made design, cutting  and stitching all kinds of fabrics (GLASS, CARBON, POLYESTER…) that turn into kits READY TO USE. Consumption optimization, management and optimization of shapes and patterns.

Auxiliary kits, infusion, pre-bag or any other kit you might  devise to improve your production performance, we think it up and we do it for you.

Imagine any composite or molded part. Incom is your perfect co-worker to assist and collaborate with you to create and develop any challenging design.

At InCom, we are designing and operating tailor-made supply chain solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We are in the position to provide global JIT delivery to wherever our customers require.