Customised Supply Chain Solutions

Within our customers Global Supply Chain, InCom understands that Lean solutions to complex supply chain problems are required.

InCom looks to provide JIT supply around the globe, whether that is through local for local manufacturing operations or through local for local warehousing operations. These warehousing operations can be located close to the customer or even inside the customer (in-plant) where space permits.  We can physically warehouse goods with a buffer stock or simply apply cross docking where appropriate. The aim of this approach is both to provide JIT supplies and a “pull system” approach where required.


Our Supply Chain capabilities are being enhanced with the implementation of improved ERP & other software capabilities to enhance electronic data management, control and communication.

We can offer warehousing options for customer material through consignment with high levels of accuracy and control. Or we can buy materials from designated suppliers controlling material availability with VMI, pulling from local manufacturers or warehouses or more complex international supplies from all locations around the world.


We work hard every day towards a 100% delivery attainment to our customers. We also recognise the need to be flexible where demand changes from our customer occur.

Our aim is to drive out waste within the supply chain using Lean techniques including Value Stream Mapping.

Our supply processes are flexible and can be adapted to your needs.