Focused on Kit Solutions

InCom kits are a vehicle for conveying industrial know-how, skills, and productive capabilities, that in combination with the Consultancy Services offered on our portfolio, makes it a highly evolved manufacturing element suitable of being distributed anywhere in the world. 

We process a wide  range of composite materials such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, polyester, balsa wood, PVC, PET and PUR, among others. 


Thinking on your needs

CNC cutting and machining technology to convert all kinds of composites cores (PVC, PET, PUR, Balsa..) in assembled kits that MAKES EASIER your layup processes.

The transformation of Foam Cores is performed under the strictest controls to ensure the accuracy and quality in working areas equipped with humidity and constant temperature controlled environments.

For the cutting and machining process of these materials InCom has Cutting and Milling Equipment of high technology based on CAD / CAM and 5 axis CNC machines of the latest generation with accurate and efficient results.

After the cutting and preparation process, integrated patterns are composed to facilitate their subsequent placement in a mould. The Kit is identified for transport and subsequent use in the production area.


Getting your performance target

Custom made design, cutting  and stitching all kinds of fabrics (GLASS, CARBON, POLYESTER…) that turn into KITS READY TO USE  for industrial Manufacturing Processes of Composite Materials.

The formation of the Kit is done by assembling layers with the highest accuracy, consumption optimization, management and optimization of shapes and patterns, all of them designed and produced with the target of minimize time in mold.

Bespoke multilayer cutting technology machines deliver great accuracy, repetition and the highest finish quality.


Plug and Play

Auxiliary kits, infusion, pre-bag or any other kit you might  devise to improve your production performance, we think it up and we do it for you.

Auxiliary kits ready for use. Infusion, pre-bag or any kind of kit for improving manufacture processes. Incom vacuum and infusion kits contain all necessary elements as in-profiles, sealant barrier, coatings, vacuum bag, perforated films, etc.Kits according to mould shapes, reducing cycle time, improving lay-up and increasing proper handling.