India plans greener ports driven by wind and solar power

India is determined to become one of the first countries to use renewables energy for the vast majority of its ports and dock operations, by converting all twelve of its major domesic ports to renewable energy by 2019.

The idea is to set up around 200MW of wind and solar energy, with the possibility of expanding to reach 500MW in the ycoming years. The initial capacity will include around 45MW of wind power, which will be added by the two major ports of VO Chidambaran and Kandia, which has 600 square kilometres of land. In this way, this project will undoubtedly help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 136.500 tonnes annualy when completed, and will also lead to savings of INR 750 million ($11,1) annually, when fully comissioned.

The cost of solar energy per unit has dropped to INR 2.63 per unit and the capital cost of wind energy has dropped too, which will help all ports to cumulatively save INR 6-7 billion ($90-110 million) annually.