A gigantic wind turbine that will tower the Empire State Building

The University of Virginia is currently working on a groundbreaking project consisting of designing a 500-meter wind turbine made of 2 blades of 200 meters each, which will be able to generate up to 50 MWs.

It is a well-known fact that the future of wind turbines is not only to increase in size, but also to increase in efficiency. For this purpose, OEMs are competing with one another to construct the tallest possible wind turbine in the attempt to benefit from wind cost reductions.

In this case, their goal is to build up a wind turbine able to withstand wind loads of 253 km/h, by equipping it with two extra-flexible wind blades per turbine, thought to bend like a palm tree. The idea is to place them 80 km away from the shore to benefit from most intense winds. According to the designers, this prototype will allow to balance efficiency, estructural weight and costs.

Nevertheless, the logistics is indeed the most challenging part, since raising 500-meter blades 80 km away from the shore is not an easy thing. In the end, if this project comes to life it is meant to revolutionize the world of renewables.

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