Engineering for Success

Our goal is to CREATE VALUE for our customers through KNOWLEDGE.

Incom believes that engineering must reinforces the client-supplier relationship by offering security and confidence in design, production and supply, optimizing link operations, manufacturing cells and lines, eliminating steps, minimizing transport and storage costs, and promoting correction and prevention at source flaws and defects.

None of this would be possible without our engineering design and analysis team, which has extensive experience in modeling, simulation and structural design. They manage projects, and develops new manufacturing strategies, material requirements, work instructions and factory settings for the specific needs of our clients, with capacity to design and manufacture structural components for the sectors of renewable energies, aeronautical, naval and automotive industries, using the most advanced tools of analysis, 3D CAD, finite element analysis, flow simulation, etc.


InCom provides Lay-up support (on-site) aiming to improve kits and lamination times, while bringing down cyle time, and boosting productivity along the way.

InCom’s project engineering team, with high quality skills and vast experience, can help you in planning projects for new production plants, in such a way as to enhance your projects and program performance, increasing the probability of their successful completion.

InCom offers end-to-end product design services in the wind blade domain, helping blade designers translate ideas into innovative, feature-rich products that can be brought to market faster. From concept to execution, product design services from InCom assist developers through all or any stage of your product development life cycle regardless of application, technology, platform, or context.

InCom’s Engineering team works at its best to provide our customers with new technical solutions, such as Plant Distribution and/or Machines and tooling setup and support.

All materials entering or leaving our facilities have been subjected to a prior quality analisis to ensure that either the raw material and the finished goods comply not only with all safety standars but also with our customers’ special requirements.

InCom’s training team can help you minimize the time required to set-up and become proficient using sophisticated monitoring tools. Our training services range from start-up assistance for new systems, to on-site training for specific applications. All training is customized to meet your needs. The time-saving benefits of this training will allow you to successfully use your system, by learning in your own facility.

InCom is committed to only the highest customer satisfaction levels possible by providing our services under the premise of “Zero Defect Culture”, with the strongest compliance to the international standard. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited with 100% accuracy in all facets of what we do, resulting in long term customer satisfaction

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